Does the tanning liquid smell?
There is no smell after it dries on your skin. Remember you can use your own liquid as well.

Does the tanning lotion stain clothing? No.

How long will the 8oz bottle last?
Up to 32 appllications.

How long will the tan last on the skin?
Up to 7-10 days.

Where do I get the tanning solution after I used the supplied solution?
You can purchase it from Viatek Products or IBODTANNING or you can purchase any liquid tanning solution. Our device will work with other companies liquid tanner.

How do I flush out the unit?
Simpy fill the solution container with water and spray.

How long will the battery last?
We have seen the battery to last for 7-10 applications before having to recharge. Recharge is easy, just plug into an outlet.

How long should I wait before taking a shower?
For max results, we recommend you wait 5-6 hours before showering for the DHA to fully absorb.

How long should I allow for solution to dry?
Allow approximately 5-10 minutes of drying time before getting dressed. Drying time may vary based on how heavy initial application is.

How long does the battery take to charge?
Only 1-hour.

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