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Why do I not see bronzer come off when I take a shower? The instant airbrush tanning solution provided with the Ibod does not have any coloring, this way your tan does not wash away the moment you wash off in your shower. The DHA sunless tanner will continue to work with the amino acids in your skin to provide a lasting tan. Tan lasts 7 to days. It is recommended that you wait 5-6 hours before showering for max results.

I applied the Ibod solution in my bathroom, how can I clean the solution from my bathroom surfaces?
Ibod tanning solution can be cleaned from bathroom surfaces with ordinary household cleansers. However, it is recommended that you place a dark towel or mat beneath your feet prior to airbrush tanning.

What is DHA?
DHA is a solution that causes the proteins in the outside layer of your skin to react with the oxygen in the air resulting in a bronzing effect. This process allows the DHA to work with your skin’s own tone to create a natural healthy and even looking tan.

Will the Ibod solution provide sun protection?
The Ibod soloution does not contain a sunscreen and will not protect your skin against ultraviolet light.

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We recommend that you practice prior to spraying on the body. Use a white piece of paper and practice spraying on paper.

Prior to spraying, we also recommend that you place a towel down on the floor. Tanning solution can stain carpet and possibly flooring. Please remember to wipe down any surface after spraying. Many users prefer to perform the tanning in the shower.

Always start spraying 6 inches from the body and move closer to approximately 4 inches from the body.Spraying closer than 4-inches from the skin will cause drips. If drips occur dab with a paper towel. Don't worry you can come back to the area later.

After tanning, we recommend you do not shower for 4-6 hours. Product will dry in minutes, but tanning will take 4-6 hours to see results. If you need solution to dry faster, spray the tanned area with a hair dryer. After tanning, we recommend that you dress in dark, light fitting under garments, swimsuits, shorts and shirts. Tanning solution will wash out of most garments, but may stain silk, nylon and wool.

NOTE: To prevent damage and clogging, never turn product upside down with a filled cartridge within product.
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